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When people have been making images of you for around 2,500 years, you get a little jaded. That still doesn't mean I was prepared for the Victorian era. Oh, to start with, though - This is quite a good resource for pictures of me and Eros.

Well. We didn't, of course, have a violin when we walked up the hill...or, for that matter, roses that looked like that. And reluctant as everyone was, the procession did still, well, move a bit more than this one seems to be doing. But I think this is very lovely, nonetheless. (Why exactly is that torch burning blue?)

I do see that the quiver is tied to the tree, but does it look to anyone else like I'm hurling it at Eros? Also, if we'd been sleeping out in the open like that I never would have needed the lamp in the first place.

Why am I always fainting? Really, you know, I didn't do it that often. I was asleep when he first saw me, and then when I opened the box, but otherwise...

Aaugh. I am not a paedophile, all right?!

This one I quite like. Very Victorian, of course, but the sort of otherworldly light is nice. Also, Cerberus! (He's rather bigger than that, incidentally.)

Honestly, if you can tell me what this
has to do with me or my story, I'll eat my...strange drapery thing.

Interesting. It appears the first task Aphrodite's setting me here is to do the limbo. Judging from my general physique and and the way I'm dressed, it won't be an easy one.

Hint to artists: if Eros is tickling my ear, I generally wouldn't be staring off into space like that. Wondering why he's doing it from such an awkward position, perhaps...

Er. The thing about the invisible servants was that they were, in fact, invisible. (Where on earth are they going to set that table? That's just inefficient. Not that it appears most of them have much to do.)

Cherubs: classical painting's answer to the La-Z-Boy. I assure you, I wasn't naked, and Zepherus didn't need that much backup.


Hm. Well, it's a little like a peat bog mummy, but I do like it. No, I'm not being sarcastic. It's nice.

I'm a little puzzled by albino!Eros - perhaps it's meant to indicate his otherworldiness? But it's a very sweet book.

I remember this statue!

I...yes. That's a little of what it means, you see, to marry who I did.

Ah, Expressionism. I do wish I could like it, but I can't quite get past the tinyness of my head, the obvious maleness of the model used (the tacked-on breasts are sort of amusing) and the black patch like a beetle crouching right by my eye.

It's really a bit annoying when he does this. Also: his features are oddly squished.

What the...?

I don't need to say anything about this, do I? *sigh*

I do miss Pan. He was the first of the gods to reach out to me after...what happened. He can be very fearsome but to me he was kind, and I'll never forget it. Of course, he concluded his reassurances by slapping my rear end, but, well. I'm sure he meant it in a friendly, rallying kind of way.

Eros looks like the Artful Dodger.

*giggles* Not exactly how it happened, but points for originality.

Why am I always fainting?!

Lovely, lovely, lovely...

Eros attempts to distract me from my new hobby of interpretive dance. I do like my dirty feet, but that's about it.

Hee. Me as a porn star. Eros's jaw line is a little...worrying, there.

Hermes to me: "Well, they're all completely mad, so I won't say don't worry, but hey, you're cute. That's always a good first step." What is going on with my hair? Is that a fisherman's knot?

I always liked this sort of thing.

They're really reaching with the strategically placed drapery on Eros, here. It's sort of endearing, but really, of all the gods for whom that's appropriate...

Always fainting. Oh, all right, I do like this one. Although that looks like a rather modern city in the background, there, and really, I assure you that I wasn't sitting in a flowerbox when I emerged from the Underworld and opened the box of poisoned sleep.

Not. A paedophile. Damn it. And why is Aphrodite in a wheelchair? Is that meant to be a chariot?

Eros's legs are sort of...idiosyncratic here. And he looks like he's got a bit of a head cold. When exactly were we supposed to be having this discussion?

Am I the only one who finds it a little creepy that I'm always fainting?

It's...nice that the artist has found, um, personal meaning in our myth. But...what or who is that that appears to be coming out of his nether regions?

...How many sisters does this artist think I had? Or, wait, are some of those supposed to be invisible servants and embodiments of Envy...? There are still too many of them.


All right, I'm a sap, I like it.

These I like very much. This one especially gives a sort of sense of...well, you know, he's not human, and that hasn't always been easy, exactly.

I love this room.

Date: 2007-03-29 07:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, at least you're human throughout art history, fainting or not. Sometimes I get a human head ( or freaky doughy body with a tail ( (thanks, Mike) but mostly it's just snakes ( of every size and colour and random what-the-fuckery ( Eve's looking a little butch there, don't you think? Unless that's Adam and Steve. ((...broke my own brain. XP))

Oh, and your "I...yes. That's a little of what it means, you see, to marry who I did." link is broken.

Date: 2007-03-29 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How odd. It's working for me. Anyway, it's this one here:

There are so many things to giggle at in that first one I'm not sure where to begin. Ah, medieval artistic convention. But at least you seem to be the only one of the three figures who's not deeply and profoundly stoned. Really, was part of the Knowledge of Good and Evil how to focus your eyes? And in the last...what exactly is that white creature on the right meant to be? If it weren't for the nose I'd say a boar, but...

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