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My mun has just seen a review of a new television show and is now flailing a bit in distress.

I keep telling her I've seen much, much worse, but she will not be consoled.

Personally, I think it's more funny than anything else; the bits of dialogue mentioned aren't bad. I'm a little scandalized (and giggly) at the idea of the Oracle seeing the future in a hot tub, and I do wonder how on earth the producers got the idea that Herakles was Aphrodite's son, but, well, they seem to have chosen plot points by throwing a dart at some kind of mythological flowchart. And the names, aside from "Grace," rather confuse me. "Ray"? "Danny"? Really?

Danny is enamored of his magic gun, a modern-day love arrow, and uses it for his own erotic purposes.

O RLY. *looks shiftily interested*

Все отлично сделано!

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Спасибо за статью

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