Jan. 13th, 2008

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A Look At Psyche

I'm not sure whether I should be mildly chagrined that my name was assigned to a vast meteorite crater on the surface of 433 Eros. On the one hand, there are overtones of massive trauma and scarring which make me somewhat uncomfortable. On the other...I should really stop overthinking things like this and just try to regard them as romantic.

Psyche on Eros

Sad excuse for a sunrise
It’s so cold out here
Ice and silence and dark skies
As we go round another year
Let them think what they like, we’re fine
I will always be right here next to you

I’m your moon
You’re my moon
We go round and round
From out here, it’s the rest of the world that looks so small
Promise me
You will always remember who you are

- "I'm Your Moon," Jonathan Coulton

(I do like the idea that Eros is never retrograde. The list of geological features is also good for an academic chuckle or two. And I must say I'm relieved - in a highly amused way - that my husband wasn't ruled a parking facility.)

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