Aug. 15th, 2008


Aug. 15th, 2008 08:38 pm
late_born_myth: (what the shit is this?)

Your result for The What Greek God Are You Test...


Gods! You scored ###!

You are most like the Goddess Aphrodite!
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire. Although she was married she had many affairs with both other gods and men - most famously with Ares. Her husband Hephaestus caught them in a net he had made and paraded them in front of the other gods. Aphrodite is mean, vain and jealous, and most often depicted with a mirror.

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All right, let's analyze this then.

A mighty hero comes to you before a great battle. What do you do with your godly powers?

Arm him with godly armour and weapons

Fill him with blood lust and undefeatable rage

Make him fall in love with his enemy's sister

Get him warmed up with a drunken orgy of sex

Er, none of the above? Try to get him to reconsider the importance of risking his life and the lives of others? Oh, all right, (c), in case it has the aforementioned affect. And because really, all the others are right out.

In a tight spot, which mighty creature would you summon to defend you?




Eros, shoot those arrows of love!

...all right, I think I see where the problem is here.

Look, we both live in the House of Love. I'm technically part of her...her clan, I suppose you might say. That doesn't make us the same person!

Ngk. No.

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