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I think the fact of my existence rather disturbed that robot. Which is not a sentence I've ever had occasion to write before, I don't think.
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The Lady Delirium arrived today. I was frightened, of course, but after all, she is what she is. As are we all.

I really hope her brother/sister doesn't turn up, though. I don't know if I could deal with someone half Eros and half Aphrodite, and more powerful than either of them at their worst. Well, I know I couldn't, that's why the thought makes me want to go hide under a picnic table somewhere.
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I realize how much I've missed her. Oh, it doesn't make everything better, but it does help more than I could have expected, seeing her again. We're going to talk and get caught up just as soon as she's found a place to live.
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Kira wrote asking if I had access to drugs. It's for Katou, it must be. I was worried when I first met him...oh dear.

A zombie?

Sep. 11th, 2006 07:20 pm
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I still haven't quite calmed down. Soulless creatures are always disturbing, but beyond that I was dreadfully worried someone was going to get hurt.

I suppose we know now that there is a way to leave the park. I can't say I have any real desire to try hopping on the Monorail anytime soon, though.
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A rather sweet thank-you note from Setsuna for helping him find a gift for a friend.
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Kira's arrived, with a friend, Setsuna.

He was surprised to see me, as, apparently, back at Hogwarts there's a giant kernel of popcorn and my name on a plaque nearby. Also, several months have passed since I disappeared.

And all of that would be worrying enough, but I have the very strong feeling he was avoiding talking about something.
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Oh dear. This place really just does get odder and odder.
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I rather like Aziraphale. He was terribly polite about me being a mere analogy of a lost and unilluminated culture.

It is nice to speak to someone with similar interests and scope of memories.
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Another new arrival, Sallah, and an idea: perhaps we could dig out?
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Some experimenting today of th e boundaries with Crowley and a new arrival, James Norrington.

Little success.


Aug. 8th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Well. This is unexpected.

They do say that a change is as good as a holiday, but good for whom?

What if Eros needs me and doesn't know where I am or how to find me?

I think it's the abyss that disturbs me most. Oh, well, at least I have someone to talk to, even if he can't remember me and isn't in the best of moods.
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Thoughts on Psyche in the character analysis post back in March.
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That was really rather amusing. It's odd listening to her giving advice, though.

I wonder if Ares will be doing the show next.
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What on earth?

I haven't even met either of them face to face, or had any dealings with their friends.

How odd of them.

I suppose I should be glad Eros evidently wasn't listening, as his reaction would have likely left one or both of them infatuated with the Whomping Willow. Well.
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Hello, everyone. I'm going to be DJing for WART radio, so send me your song requests, with links to the song (with the address in the post, preferably, please, not a link in the comment itself. I'll listen to all the songs, but it does make it faster to put it all together), to the lyrics if you wish, and any message you'd like to send out to a person or people at the school. And please do let me know if you wish the song to be anonymous or not.

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone chooses. This show really was a wonderful idea.
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Well, I do think it's a good idea that she take at least a short break, though of course some of her problems will just be waiting for her. Literally.

I wonder sometimes if I should leave. Travel the world a little - it's been a while. This started off as a sort of vacation from all the familiar bickering and strangeness of Olympus, but...well. And he'd know where to find me. He'd always be able to find me.

But I think I can hold out at least a little longer.
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I keep saying I'm going to swat him with his own arrows one of these days. Why haven't I done it yet, exactly?
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