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Website:Psyche's page at Greek Mythology Link
((Layout: Addition by Subtraction by grrliz at thefulcrum. This is a puppet journal for RP use at dizzy_land. I am not claiming to actually be an ancient Greek goddess, so...gods? Please don't turn me into a tree, or anything.))

Eros and Psyche at Ostia

THERE was sometimes a certain King, inhabiting in the west parts, who had to wife a noble Dame, by whom he had three daughters exceeding fair...

Psyche was born sometime around 600 BC, in a long-dead kingdom in Asia Minor. The legendary days of the Trojan Wars were past; Greece was just rising as the stronghold of thought for the Western world. She and her three sisters had a Greek tutor as children, and were taught to revere the Greek pantheon as well as the gods of her country.

For the purposes of play at dizzy_land, consider Psyche to be of medium height, with reddish blondish brown hair and greenish blue eyes. She is, according to her story, the most beautiful mortal ever born. Take from that what you will. She usually wears a chiton of plain white linen, with her hair up in a loose knot. When she was made a goddess, a pair of butterfly wings sprang out of her back; these are very large, and rather resemble stained glass. If you look at them very closely, they seem to be made of light. They're only semi-material, so she doesn't normally bang them into things on the mortal plane (up in Olympus is another story); she can make them invisible if she really wants, but usually doesn't for the same reason she keeps her appearance as it was as a mortal - it's just what she looks like.

Her general powers as a goddess are not exceptional; she can fly, a little slowly, with her wings, and can materialize small objects; she can't be harmed by any but divine weapons, and she never ages or sickens. She can also alter her appearance, but she rarely does except to change into a cloud of butterflies.

Psyche is the goddess and embodiment of the human soul. As a character, then, her nature is somewhat dual. Psyche-the-mortal, whose personality is more or less the goddess's conscious mind, was a very brave, kind, and wise young woman, and so these are traits likely to be in evidence in most of her dealings. But humanity's soul and mind as a whole is not without its dark spots, and using history's whole collective unconscious as your own unconscious can be a little unnerving for both her and those she interacts with.

She considers herself to "be" nearly every human born, and has a certain empathic connection (visually represented by her wings) to them all which she normally keeps at the back of her mind so as to leave a little privacy and distance. However, when her goddess-self is brought forward (via prayer or other invocation) this distance lessens dramatically; a conversation with her then becomes, as nearly as she can approximate, a conversation with your own soul. Psyche would never want to harm you, but like all gods she has her Great and Terrible aspects.
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